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Served until 4

Small Plates

Brussels Sprouts - Oven roasted with pancetta, then flash fried, tossed in garlic, truffle oil & parmigiano reggiano, balsamic glaze drizzle / 15

[chow] Wings - Six jumbo house BBQ rubbed & smoked, fried to perfection, served with veggie sticks and choice of blue cheese or ranch / 12

Boneless Chicken “Wings” - House BBQ rub marinated chicken breast, fried to perfection, served with veggie sticks and choice of blue cheese or ranch / 12

Buffalo, Sriracha Maple, Holy Fire, Bang Bang, Traditional BBQ, Pineapple Chipotle BBQ, Raspberry
Honey BBQ
Extra sauce / 1

Bang Bang Shrimp - Lightly battered crispy deep fried shrimp, drizzled with Bang Bang sauce / 15 *Try any of our wing sauces on the shrimp instead of Bang Bang*

Burnt End Croute - Twice smoked brisket caps wrapped in puff pastry, served over cheesy bechamel, balsamic glaze drizzle / 15

Bavarian Pretzels - Warm salted pretzels served with creamy mustard cheese sauce / 10

[chow] Fries  - A generous portion of french fries tossed with truffle oil & parmesan, served with your choice of chipotle aioli or wasabi goat cheese dipping sauces / 10 // Both Sauces +1

Smokehouse Na[chow]s - Corn tortilla chips piled high with layers of cheddar, mozzarella, banana peppers, green onion, and house BBQ sauce, served with a side of sour cream / 14
Add Ironworks Chili +6 / Smoked Chicken +5 / Pulled Pork +6 / Beef Brisket +8

BBQ Tacos (two)-
Pulled Pork - Cheddar, coleslaw, raspberry honey BBQ / 11
Blackened Salmon - Lettuce, pickled red onion, roasted garlic aioli / 12
Cajun Shrimp - Lettuce, house pickles and chipotle aioli / 12

Buffalo Chicken “Rangoon” - Deep fried wonton wrappers stuffed with buffalo chicken breast and cream cheese served with blue cheese dip or maple sriracha / 12

Pork Belly Bao Buns - Char Siu “Red” pork belly, marinated & slow smoked, nestled into a pillowy bao bun with house pickles and green onion / 14

[chow] Egg Rolls (two)
- Cheeseburger - Ground brisket and chuck, bacon, pickles, onions & American / 9.5
- Pulled Pork - BBQ pulled pork, brussels-shallot slaw, cheddar cheese / 10 

[chow] Mac & Cheese - Served your way:
Straight up / 8
With buffalo chicken +8 / pulled pork +6 / brisket +8 / WTF style +7


Ironworks Texas Chili - BBQ brisket & ground chuck, twice smoked and seasoned with secret blend of herbs, spices & [chow] Bella lager, served with choice of cornbread or tortillas // 8 / 10

New England Clam [chow]der - Creamy New England style clam chowder loaded with tender clams, pancetta & potatoes // 7.5 / 9.5

Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup - A smooth blend of tomato, roasted garlic, onion, fresh basil & a hint of cream // 7 / 9


Add Chicken +9 / Salmon +14 / Shrimp +10 / Burger +9

The Beet Down - Roasted beets & baby field greens with goat cheese, candied bourbon spiked walnuts & our own roasted garlic-citrus vinaigrette / 15

Apple & Arugula Salad - Granny Smith apples, red onion, goat cheese & toasted almonds, raspberry basil vinaigrette / 14

Caesar - Romaine and shaved parmigiano reggiano, house croutons, classic caesar dressing / 12

Buffalo Chicken Salad -  Breaded & golden fried chicken cutlet, tossed in buffalo, sliced & served over field greens, with roasted tomatoes, red onion, and gorgonzola crumbles, ranch dressing/ 16

Italian Chopped Salad - Romaine & radicchio with red onion, grape tomato, crispy chickpeas, mozzarella, banana peppers, lemon and oregano vinaigrette / 14

Sandwiches/ Wraps

TMH Pulled Pork - Slow-smoked pulled pork, pickled red onion & pineapple chipotle BBQ sauce on brioche roll /15

TMH Beef Brisket - Slow-smoked beef brisket, bourbon onions, cheddar cheese & pineapple chipotle BBQ sauce on Italian bread / 18

The Spicy Bird - Buttermilk fried boneless chicken thigh, pickled jalapeño relish, smoked gouda, spicy house chipotle ranch on brioche roll / 16

Salmon Sandy - Blackened salmon, greens, roasted tomatoes, garlic aioli, brioche roll / 17 

Grilled Cheese - Smoked gouda, American and cheddar on texas toast / 10.5
​- with jalapeños, tomato, fig spread or apples +2
- with pulled pork, beef brisket, or bacon +4

House Roast Beef - Slow roasted top round with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, bourbon onions & horseradish mayo on Italian bread / 15

[chow] Cheesesteak - House top round, melted American, bourbon onions, bell peppers & mushrooms on Italian bread / 15.5

The Florence Wrap - Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, baby spinach, roasted reds, EVOO & balsamic drizzle, wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla / 14

Buffalo Chicken Wrap - Bacon, red onion, tomato & romaine with house bleu cheese in a grilled flour tortilla / 15

House Smoked Turkey - Bacon, lettuce, roasted tomato, cheddar cheese & cranberry bourbon mayo on Italian bread / 15

Sweet Chili Pulled Pork - Classic TMH pulled pork dressed with sweet chili sauce, house pickles and slaw, served on brioche roll / 15

All sandwiches are served with french fries & are available as a wrap upon request
- French fries can be substituted for a side garden or caesar salad for +2.5

-  French fries can be substituted for [chow] fries for +2.5
- Gluten free bread +3


An 8oz blend of ground brisket & chuck tender served PINK or NO PINK with french fries on brioche roll

The [chow] Patriot Burger - American, crispy bacon, lettuce, roasted tomatoes, onions, pickles, patriot sauce / 16

Italiano - Mozzarella, roasted red peppers, arugula, bourbon onions, garlic aioli, balsamic drizzle / 15

The Mother Trucker - Cheddar, BBQ brisket, pulled pork, bacon, pineapple chipotle BBQ sauce, fried onion straws / 17

Black Bean Burger - Cheddar, arugula, roasted tomatoes, pickled onions, chipotle ranch/ 14


Mac & Cheese / 8
Roasted Brussels with Pancetta / 8.5
Roasted Garlic Smashed Potatoes / 7

French Fries / 6
Side Garden or Caesar Salad / 6
Cornbread / 4
Sauteed Spinach with Garlic / 8
Slaw / 5

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